The maximum available is equal to the very best in quality


UNK project, KASKAD Family and MIEL Development hold a joint event dedicated to the low-rise property under the name: "Countryside essentials. The results of the thirst half of 2016 in the low-rise real estate market of comfort class".

"In the last three or four years, we can see that the low-rise property has firmly taken its niche in the market: in the Moscow region the share of low-rise housing takes up to 25%; in New Moscow - up to 16% of the market. Of course, the natural location characteristics play a crucial role in this segment, which is why more than half of the proposals in the Moscow region are concentrated in the zone between 20 and 30 km away from Moscow, and in the New Moscow - in the Troitsk region.

More and more market participants today understand that profitability does not always depend on the number of floors in a building. As it is noted by Boris Tsyrkin, a managing partner of the KASKAD Family group of companies: "Construction of multi-storey residential complexes includes a number of difficulties: a more complicated procedure of approval of initial permissive documents, more workplaces in accordance with the requirements of RNGP, as well as a bigger number of necessary social facilities. And the result is a longer way of getting approvals in the Moscow region."

In conditions when supply exceeds demand, the struggle for the buyer by means of giving a good price does not give the desired effect - the low-rise housing segment is very much focused on the development of a quality product now. Yuliy Borisov, co-founder and chief architect of the UNK project bureau says, "In my view, the issue of a beautiful life was a matter of purely internal responsibility of architects and developers. In today's reality, it is a question of survival. A settlement may become successful only when people regardless of their income will be able to say that they live beautifully. It is a period of semi-finished products; take what you are given, or it will end. The market is full of offers and architects, who provide a good product and good solutions."