10 facts about the design of business centers


The current state of the commercial real estate market in Moscow is in such condition that a city saturation with areas suitable for use as office space provides a wide choice for tenants and potential buyers. However, business centers differ.

And here the compliance of the building to constantly changing requirements of participants of the market to the organization of working space as well as to its security with important infrastructure objects and engineering equipment prevails. Everything above mentioned is the key conditions of successful functioning and further operation of object increasing its competitiveness. Besides, nobody cancelled the main rule in the sphere of Real estate saying "location, location, location", therefore the careful choice of a platform under construction of the business center has to be very carefully calculated from the point of view of its environment and transport availability. Such approach will help to avoid possible risks. Specific characteristics also play not the last role at a choice of office buildings by tenants, especially by those who are guided by prestige reasons. In the city it can be a view on historical part or the City, beyond its limits – a view on the nature.

In general, it is quite possible to call the best representatives of this commercial "community» the mini-cities possessing all necessary conditions for high-quality business. For the business center to correspond the world trends on the organization of office space it is necessary to consider a number of criteria.
1. Concept. Taking into consideration the fact that office building initially is a b2b-segment with a certain target audience it is necessary to approach its realization from a position of business strategy. Therefore, design of the modern business center maximal rising to the recent trends and inquiries presupposes creation of the qualitative concept which has to consider specifics of object and prospect of its further functioning. Correctly made concept will directly influence its demand by tenants and future owners of the areas, convenience of its operation and, therefore, – economic indicators, including a payback period.